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Ji Xiao! Hesitantly said: "I think you do not blindly follow him, sometimes he is better angry." "Oh?" Shen Weiyang was very interested and said with a smile, "Tell me in detail." Ji Xiao! "I don't understand your situation," he said. "How can I say anything? I just heard you say that you really indulged him too much. Now he's like this. It's better to let him suffer." Shen Weiyang smiled, nodded and said, "So that's it. But I have to think about it carefully. In fact, I just thought for a moment that he had suffered a lot for me. As long as I did what I could and wanted him to be happy, I didn't think of these things. Really, you won't understand. He used to love me very much, but now he hates me like this. Naturally, the pain is too heavy. When I think of this, how can I endure it?" Ji Xiao! Laugh: "Your thing is natural you just understand clearly, I am to say casually only." Shen Weiyang said, "Anyway, I can't escape. I'll see what he does. I'll think about it again. It's serious to save some strength now." Ji Xiao! Nod: "I am here for a long time is not good, or go." Hand him a very delicate small bottle at the same time: "Hide, it is important to save life." Shen Weiyang laughed and said, "Where is this?" But it's still kept. Ji Xiao! "Just in case," he said, "I don't think it's necessary." He gave some more instructions and went out. 14 Sure enough, Ling Feiyang did not show up for several days, although the two were only separated by a wall, Shen Weiyang clearly heard when he came back, when he went to sleep, when he got up, but for three days, he did not see him once. Shen Weiyang gently sighed, this stubborn guy, really want him to die to understand? Xiao Zhao looked at him and sighed. "What's the matter?" He asked with a smile? What are you sighing for? "It's nothing," said Shen Weiyang with a smile. "I just feel bored." Xiao Zhao said, "It's better to go out for a walk. There is a tree of pomegranate flowers in the back yard. It's really beautiful." Shen Weiyang shook his head: "Lazy, do not want to move." Xiao Zhao advised him, "Doctor Ji said that if you move more, it will be better for your health. It's not good to stay in the house all the time." Shen Weiyang yawned, "It's so boring. It's better to sleep." Said then crooked on the bed, Xiao Zhao saw that he really wanted to sleep, afraid that he slept too much and went to sleep at night, busy to say some gossip to him. Shen Weiyang only listened lazily, plastic pallet price ,drum spill pallet, occasionally answering a sentence and a half, and his eyes almost closed. Just listen to Xiao Zhao say some recent news, what this childe how, that childe how, not interesting at all. Childe, a distinguished guest has come recently. I heard that the master accompanies him every day. It's a great face. "Oh." "I saw him in the back garden that day. He was drinking with his master in the small flower hall at the back of Tianling Pavilion. Oh, what a beautiful man. I think he looks better than his master, especially when he smiles. It's fascinating." "Oh." "A lot of people went to see him secretly, and I heard that he was a red man in the court." "Hm?" Shen Weiyang suddenly sat up and his sleepiness disappeared. "Master Hou?" Small Zhao is frightened jump: "I listen to smoke what the elder sister says, say to be good friend for many years with the master, so the master is always accompanying him these days." Shen Weiyang gave a little groan in his heart. Why did he come? It's killing me. Fall down again: "Xiao Zhao, let me sleep a little while, I have a headache." Xiao Zhao had to shut up, covered him with a quilt, and quietly retreated. It's just that Shen Weiyang has a headache. Where can he sleep? It's just that his heart is confused and his head is big. Alas, it's really a bad fate. This Qi Xuanxiao didn't come early or late. He hasn't been here for years. This time he came here. It's all right if he has nothing else to do. If Ling Feiyang goes crazy, how can it end? It happened that what he feared most was that he couldn't hide. After dinner, Shen Weiyang was watching the sunset in the yard when he saw the bodyguard beside Ling Feiyang coming from a distance. Shen Weiyang's heart suddenly jumped. When the bodyguard approached, he said very politely, "Master Weiyang, pass it on to you.". ” Shen Weiyang's eyes darkened and his body shook. His face turned pale immediately. He stayed for a long time and said in a low voice, "Excuse me, wait a minute. I'm going to change my clothes." Xiao Zhao saw it in the room. Of course he knew it was not good. He didn't dare to say a word. He quietly served Shen Weiyang and changed his clothes. He watched him follow the bodyguard away. As he followed the person in front of him, he did not feel any pain in his heart, but felt at a loss. Is it really worth holding on for so long? In fact, I should have given up long ago. I really didn't expect him to be like this. It turned out that he was really not afraid of his death, and really wanted him to die. So why was it so urgent at that time? Do you understand now? Or was it a moment of obsession at that time? Perhaps his hatred has been incomparable, not love can be offset. After going through that kind of day, after going through that kind of touching, it seems that his hatred has not diminished. Shen Weiyang thought that he had abused him for so many years, and even almost forced him to death, no matter how hate should slowly fade, did not expect that there is still today. This man, the most favored master of Qi Xiaohou in the Dynasty. Even his friend Shen Weiyang. Is Ling Feiyang really going to cut off all his life? The tenderness of those days, the pity he never said in those days, was so short. 15 Only feel a dizziness in the brain, before this time although the heart is cold, although fear, although sad, although the pain is unbearable, but not as desperate as today. I thought that the first time I was treated like this by him,collapsible pallet bin, the feeling that my heart was like a knife was already the limit of pain. I thought that after that time, I would be invulnerable to all kinds of poisons. No matter how I could endure it, I still kept that hope and a way to go on. binpallet.com

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